Tully's Coffee "Matcha Lista (SHAKE)"

Here are three customizations you'll want to enjoy during the summer with Tully's Coffee. * The handling status of each product may differ depending on the store.

100% watermelon squeeze

A drink using 100% straight fruit juice from Vietnam, "Kurobijin Suika", which is rich in fresh fruit juice. The price is 550 yen for tall size (tax included, same below). Add tapioca for +100 yen as a customization.

Tully's Coffee "Watermelon Squeeze 100%"

Juicy sweetness that fills your mouth. The fibrousness of the watermelon is also slightly felt, and it seems that it is biting into the real watermelon. The chewy tapioca adds a change in texture. The strongest summer drink with a refreshing taste but a satisfying drink.

Tully's Coffee "Watermelon Squeeze 100%"

Matcha Lista (SHAKE)

Frozen drink using Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture. The finish is topped with couverture chocolate chips. The price is 600 yen for short size.

For customization, add ice-T's Uji Matcha. You can mix it in the shake, but this time I dare to add it. The price is 130 yen.

Tully's Coffee "Matcha Lista (SHAKE)"

First of all, enjoy the creamy mouthfeel of Shake. The refreshing taste and aroma of matcha spreads. Then take a bite with matcha ice cream. The flavor of matcha rushes in with W and becomes insanely rich! The refreshing scent and subtle astringency make you forget the heat for a moment. The texture of chocolate chips that appears occasionally is a nice accent.

Tully's Coffee "Matcha Lista (SHAKE)"

Espresso shake

Shake using espresso carefully extracted by the barista. The price is 570 yen for short size. Add espresso for +50 yen.

By increasing the bitter flavor, the finish is sweet but refreshing. The deep richness leaves a pleasant lingering finish. This is when you want to enjoy the cool and crisp taste!

Tully's Coffee "Espresso Shake"

Satisfaction is greatly improved just by adding it to your usual drink. Let's recharge with a little luxurious drink when it seems to be hot in the heat!