Yoku Moku stationery "Yoku Moku"
Yeot Mot! !!

The first stationery "Yoku Moku" will be on sale from Yoku Moku, a long-established pastry shop known as "Cigale". To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding, it will be available at the Aoyama Main Store in Tokyo from August 8th, and on the direct sales site from around autumn.

Yoku Moku stationery "Yoku Moku"
First of all, it will be sold at Yoku Moku Aoyama Main Store

At Yoku Moku, novelties such as sticky notes and message cards with sweets as a motif have been produced several times in the past, but at the 50th anniversary of the establishment, a set of stationery with sweets as a motif has finally appeared.

Yoku Moku stationery "Yoku Moku"
Everything has a familiar design

Yoku Moku stationery "Yoku Moku"
The motif is Yoku Moku's classic "Cigale"

The contents are a pen case with the original Cigar can design, a one-stroke paper, an envelope, masking tape, a pen, a Cigar sticker, and a clear file with a logo. It's perfect for sending a message with sweets.

Yoku Moku stationery "Yoku Moku"
You can give it with sweets

The pen case has a simple yet luxurious atmosphere, just like a "cigar". With a size that fits three cigars, it can also be used as a "cigarette".

In the design of other stationery, in addition to cigar, the contents of the standard product "Sanc de Lis" assorted cookies are incorporated as a motif.

The price of the set is 1,620 yen (tax included). The size of each stationery is as follows.

Yoku Moku stationery "Yoku Moku"
Pen case, pencil case, envelope, mast, pen, clear file and much more

・ Pen case x 1 can (size: 69 x 195 x 26 mm)
・ One-stroke paper x 10 sheets (size: 83 x 183 mm)
・ 5 envelopes (size: 205 x 90 mm)
・ Masking tape x 1 roll (width 15 mm, length 3 m)
・ Pen x 1 (size: diameter 15 x 141 mm)
・ Clear file x 1 (size: 312 x 227 mm)
・ Cigar sticker x 1 (size: 180 x 55 mm)