All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store

Sangenjaya "TEA LAND" is a tapioca drink specialty store that sings "all-you-can-eat tapioca". You can make your own favorite tapioca drink with "complete self".

All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store
Inside the "TEA LAND" store, tapioca is kept warm by the rice cooker at the bottom left of the image.

The ordering method is quite unique. After paying at the vending machine next to the entrance, you complete your own tapioca drink.

All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store
If you don't need toppings, just touch the size!

First, take the cup and put tapioca in it. Is it really all-you-can-eat? When I asked the clerk, he said that he could put as much as he could in the cup.

All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store
It's fresh to put in from the rice cooker!

Tapioca is kept warm in a rice cooker and is quite hot. Adjust by adding ice, which will make the drink lukewarm if left untouched.

Tapioca is hot in the rice cooker.
Don't dilute, but don't get slimy ...

Then pour the drink. In addition to the general "Assam Milk Tea", you can choose from a total of 8 types of drinks, including fruity drinks such as effervescent pineapple tea and peach oolong. There are also strong habits such as "Oolong Coffee Latte".

All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store
I safely chose "Assam Milk Tea"

The tapioca drink completed in this way is considerably higher in level than the famous stores in various parts of Tokyo. Tapioca has a strong brown sugar taste and is delicious, and the base drink is also a full-fledged one with a solid body.

All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store

Many tapioca drink shops have about 5 to 7 staff members, and the labor cost is actually quite high. In that respect, I felt that "TEA LAND" uses good materials because of the reduced labor costs (Note: personal impression ...).

The reaction from customers to self-service seems not to be bad. According to three female customers who happened to be in the store, at a typical tapioca drink store, detailed specifications such as "I want you to reduce ice" or "I want you to add more toppings" are embarrassing, or the clerk asks. Sometimes I feel sorry and I can't say it. In that respect, "TEA LAND" seems to be fun to make your own favorite taste.

"I wish there was" TEA LAND "in the family restaurant drink bar."

That one word was impressive.

"TEA LAND" is recommended for those who want to enjoy their favorite delicious tapioca and delicious milk tea.

■ "TEA LAND" store information Store location: 2-23-4 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 12:00 to 22:00

All-you-can-eat tapioca "TEA LAND" Sangenjaya store
A poster like this is pasted at the entrance (as of July 31, 2019)