Legendary Suta Donburi "Gorgeous Gaburi Tonkatsu Combined Suta Don"
Katsudon and stamina bowl in one!

"Katsudon" and "Sutadon", which are a combination of Katsudon and Stamina Don, are now available. It is sold for a limited time at stores nationwide (excluding some) of the bowl chain "Legendary Sutadonya" and "Specialty Sutadonten".

The price is 830 yen (tax included). On top of a large serving of rice for about 3 bowls, shredded cabbage, the same amount of pork ribs as a regular bowl of pork, and 100 g of loin cutlet are placed in a circle without being cut, and the total weight is about 700 g. A cup of rice. This menu was developed with the aim of "defeating summer heat and enjoying summer to the fullest."

The soft and juicy loin cutlet made with Sangen pork is seasoned with a cooking method called "ditch pickling" in which the whole fried sauce is submerged in a "specially made sutamina sauce" so that the sauce is soaked into the whole while leaving a crispy feeling. Has been done.

Legendary Suta Donburi "Gorgeous Gaburi Tonkatsu Combined Suta Don"
Image of "ditch pickles"

The specially made Sutamina sauce has a different finish from the thick and thick taste of general pork cutlet sauce. The soy sauce-based sweet and spicy sauce contains 15 kinds of seasonings such as grated garlic, bonito, and kelp soup stock. It is considered to be compatible with cabbage as well as white rice.

The following stores do not sell the gorgeous pork cutlet bowl. "Okachimachi store" "Diversity Tokyo Plaza store" "Higashiyamato store" "Nakano Shimbashi store" "Mi-san store" "Hachioji store" "Hachioji Higashi Asakawa store" "Fussa Ushihama store" "Ome Kawabe store" "Mizuho" "Store" "Ario Hashimoto store" "Pasar Hasuda (up line) store" "Dangozaka SA (down line) store" "Shimizu PA store".