Sweets Paradise Cake Shop "Chilled Chinese Cake"
It's insanely chilled Chinese

"Chilled Chinese cake" is on sale in limited quantities from July 26th at the Sweets Paradise Cake Shop Shinjuku Metro and Yodobashi Akiba. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included). The sale period is until August 31st.

Sweets Paradise Cake Shop is a cake shop specializing in take-out developed by "Sweets Paradise," an all-you-can-eat sweets shop. Easy-to-buy sweets are on sale, centering on cakes for 108 yen (tax included) each.

The "Ekimae Shokudo Series", which started in June 2013, is a series of cakes made from ramen, dumplings, and other items that can be eaten in the cafeteria. It is said to have been well received by customers of all ages, regardless of gender, such as for souvenirs and surprise gifts.

The chilled Chinese cake that appeared as the latest work in the series this time is a cake that imitates chilled Chinese cakes that the pastry chef seriously pursues "just like the real thing". The base is a combination of sponge, lemon custard, and lemon cake with lemon cream.

Furthermore, the noodles are made with Mont Blanc cream mixed with lemon paste, the soup is made with caramel sauce, the wakame is made with matcha jelly, and the shrimp is made with chocolate. Be sure to eat and see what other ingredients are made of, such as ham, cucumber, and pickled ginger!