Doutor Tapioca Drink
Finally, Doutor!

The drinks "Tapioca - Brown Sugar Milk" and "Tapioca - Royal Milk Tea" are now on sale at Doutor Coffee Shop. Each is priced at 450 yen (tax included).

Following the wave of the tapioca boom, Doutor has finally introduced a tapioca drink! The "Engeboku" editorial staff also tried a drink right away.

Tapioca - Brown Sugar Milk

Tapioca - Brown Sugar Milk" combines milk and brown sugar sauce from Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture. The bottom of the cup is filled with a thick and smooth brown sugar sauce.

Doutor Tapioca Drink Brown Sugar Milk
brown sugar milk

The mild milk with a light aftertaste and the rich brown sugar sauce are a perfect match! It is a perfect summer flavor that is sweet, yet not overpowering.

Doutor Tapioca Drink Brown Sugar Milk
The brown sugar sauce is soooo good!

The large tapioca grains are soft and smooth, and when you chew them, they "crunch" into little pieces. The amount of tapioca in the drink is very large, so it is very satisfying to drink (or eat?). It is also good as a snack! Recommended as a snack!

Tapioca ~Royal Milk Tea

Tapioca ~Royal Milk Tea~" combines the milkiness of tapioca with the stickiness of tapioca. Milk tea and tapioca - a classic combination.

Doutor's Tapioca Drink Royal Milk Tea
royal milk tea

The royal milk tea has a refreshing black tea flavor with no hint of sweetness. It is recommended for those who like tapioca but not too sweet. It is also a good breakfast substitute on days when you don't have much of an appetite.

Doutor's Tapioca Drink Royal Milk Tea
Clean, low sweetness

Doutor Tapioca Drink Summary

Both of these drinks are filled with large pieces of tapioca, and both are very satisfying! Both are available at ......, but I was a little concerned about the individual tapioca pieces. It may vary from store to store, but the texture of each piece of tapioca is rather different. Some are soft and glutinous, others are elastic like gummy bears, and still others are tough with a little core. ...... If you are particular about the chewiness of tapioca, this may be a concern for you.

That said, it's nice to know you can easily get a tapioca drink for under a coin! How about a lunchtime treat today?