KALDI "Kochi Yuzu Ice Sake"
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Check out 10 drinks (including alcohol) sold by KALDI Coffee Farm! "Tips Nyan" series and "Kochi Yuzu Ice Sake".

■ Herb Cordial Elderflower
Cordial is a traditional British non-alcoholic concentrated beverage made by soaking herbs and fruits in syrup. Syrup using elderflower extract can be used not only for carbonated water but also for adding flavor to black tea and coffee (light roasting is recommended), and for flavoring when making sweets. It is recommended to shake it well and then dilute it 8 times before drinking.

KALDI "Herbal Cordial Elder Flower"

It comes in 200ml (6.76us fl oz) and the price is 568 yen (tax included, same below).

■ Herb Cordial Raspberry & Rose
Cordial using raspberry juice and rose petal extract. It comes in 200ml (6.76us fl oz) and costs 568 yen.

KALDI "Herbal Cordial Raspberry & Rose"

■ Junmai Ginjo Tipsy Nyan Hannari Sweet Goldfish
A slightly sweet liquor made with the traditional four-tiered rice cake using the soft well water of Fushimi, Kyoto. You can enjoy the refreshing taste and rich taste of rice. It comes in 240ml (8.12us fl oz) and costs 696 yen. Alcohol content is 14 degrees.

KALDI "Junmai Ginjo Tipsy Nyan Hannari Sweet Goldfish"

■ La France and honey
Fruit sauce using La France from Yamagata prefecture. Use it as a topping for yogurt, bread, or cheese, or add it to tea for flavored tea. You can enjoy it by dividing it with water, carbonated water, or alcohol. It comes in 250g (8.82oz) and costs 486 yen.

KALDI "La France and Honey"

■ Ume Wine with Kyoto Uji Matcha
A blend of finely tuned Kyoto Uji Matcha made by adding wine yeast to the juice of slowly aged Nanko Ume and fermenting it with alcohol at a low temperature. You can feel the aroma of plum and the scent of elegant tea leaves peculiar to matcha. With 500 ml. The price is 1,382 yen. Alcohol content is 9%.

KALDI "Ume Wine Kyoto Uji Matcha"

■ Junmai Ginjo Hara Sake Kyoto Rakuchu Sake Brewery Cat Sasaki Sake Brewery
A refreshing drink with a mellow mouthfeel. A sake with a gorgeous yet mellow ginjo aroma. It is recommended to cool it down before enjoying it. It comes in 180ml (6.09us fl oz) and costs 645 yen. Alcohol content is 7 degrees.

KALDI "Junmai Ginjo Hara Sake Kyo Rakuchu Sake Brewery Cat Sasaki Sake Brewery"

■ Okinawa Shikuwasa Liqueur
A liqueur that uses Okinawa Shikuwasa luxuriously. The citrus depressa is squeezed together with the skin, and is gently and neatly finished with mild awamori. Soda split is also recommended. It comes in 500ml (16.91us fl oz) and costs 1,350 yen. Alcohol content is 8%.

KALDI "Okinawa Shikuwasa Liqueur"

■ Kochi Yuzu Ice Sake
In Kochi Prefecture, which is the number one producer of Yuzu in Japan, this sake contains plenty of Yuzu grown in Kitagawa Village, a famous production area called "Yuzu Kingdom". By cooling it in the freezer, you can enjoy it as a cool sorbet with a refreshing acidity. It comes in 90ml (3.04us fl oz) and costs 345 yen. Alcohol content is 7 degrees or more and less than 8 degrees.

KALDI "Kochi Yuzu Ice Sake"

Tapioca milk tea liquor
A dessert-like liqueur with tapioca made from konjac added to milk tea, which boasts a good balance of tea leaves and milk. It comes in 160ml (5.41us fl oz) and costs 345 yen. Alcohol content is 5%.

KALDI "Tapioca milk tea liquor"

■ Melting plum wine with Nanko plum pulp from Wakayama prefecture Non-alcoholic
Non-alcoholic plum wine that is made by extracting plum wine extract from plum wine soaked in Kishu-produced Nanko plum and blending Kishu-produced plum juice and Kishu-produced ripe plum fruit. It comes in 495 ml and costs 950 yen.

KALDI "Non-alcoholic plum wine with Nanko plum pulp from Wakayama prefecture"

Alcohol-containing type "Torori Umeshu with Minamitaka plum pulp from Wakayama Prefecture" is also on sale at the same time. With 500nl, the price is 1,080 yen. Alcohol content is 8%.

* Assortment and prices may vary depending on the store.