Joyful "Reward Shaved Ice"

Joyful "Reward Shaved Ice

Family restaurant Joyful has been selling the summer staple "Reward Shaved Ice" since July 16 (except at some stores).

The shaved ice has a fluffy, delicate texture and is made from "pure ice" that is frozen slowly over a 48-hour period. The ice is hard, clear, and hard to melt, and the lack of any artificial flavors allows customers to enjoy the true taste of shaved ice. The ice slicer (shaved ice machine) is also carefully selected and uses a "block ice slicer" that can shave the ice into thin, connected pieces. The ice is carefully shaved one by one upon receiving an order so that it can always be served in a fluffy state.

Reward Shaved Ice Strawberry

Reward shaved ice mango

Reward Shaved Ice Matcha

The shaved ice is placed on a 23-centimeter-diameter plate and topped with a generous amount of syrup and milk. The lineup includes "Reward Shaved Ice Strawberry" with plenty of sweet berries, "Reward Shaved Ice Mango" filled with mango pulp, and "Reward Shaved Ice Green Tea" sprinkled with green tea powder and decorated with three-color dango. Each is priced at 538 yen (tax included, varies at some stores).