Do you not get fat even if you eat peaches? How to identify delicious peaches

When you enter a greengrocer or a supermarket, it's the season when peaches are piled up near the entrance. Invited by the good scent, I just reach out.

The diet information transmission site Micro Diet has released about how to eat and choose peaches, which are in season from July to September. Detailed information is also posted on the official website.

■ Do you not get fat even if you eat peaches?
It seems that many people are worried that "peaches are sweet and easy to gain weight." However, according to the micro diet, peaches are basically low in calories and fat. It seems that there is no problem if you do not eat too much. By the way, one peach (300g (10.58oz)) has about 100 calories and 0.1g (0.04oz) of fat.

In addition, peaches are rich in dietary fiber, and are said to contain a large amount of potassium, which can be expected to eliminate swelling, and niacin, which can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect.

■ When do you eat?
What you should pay attention to is "fructose" contained in peaches. While it is not directly related to the rise in blood sugar level, excessive intake of fructose seems to lead to the accumulation of triglycerides. As for the timing of eating, it seems that morning and daytime are recommended rather than night when the body is easy to gain weight.

Do you not get fat even if you eat peaches? How to identify delicious peaches

■ How to distinguish delicious peaches
The key to distinguishing delicious peaches is to choose one that has a beautiful round shape that is symmetrical and has a reddish skin overall. It seems that darker ones are better than whitish ones and light pink ones.

Store at room temperature. You can enjoy it by putting it in the refrigerator and cooling it 2-3 hours before eating. If you keep it in the refrigerator for a long time, not only will it lose its sweetness, but it will also wither. If the peaches are difficult to peel, soak them in boiling water and then cool them with ice water to make them easier to peel.

Peach cans are delicious when you catch a cold. But the raw peaches in season are more delicious. Let's enjoy the short peach season to the fullest.