Katsuya "Summer Refreshing Tuna Katsudon"
A hot tuna cutlet with a spicy sauce

I ate Katsuya's seasonal menu "Summer Refreshing Tuna Katsudon". A spicy bowl of hot fish cutlet with plenty of sauce containing 8 kinds of condiments. The price is 637 yen (tax included).

Summer refreshing tuna katsudon

The yellowfin tuna, which is battered and fried like a pork cutlet, is cut into bite-sized pieces, served on rice with shredded cabbage, and sprinkled with cold sauce.

Katsuya "Summer Refreshing Tuna Katsudon"
Eight kinds of condiments are effective

The sauce contains 8 types of condiments: garlic, onion, green onion, sesame oil, black pepper, salt, ginger, and capsicum. It smells appetizing when you bring your nose closer.

Katsuya "Summer Refreshing Tuna Katsudon"
Katsu is full of tuna

There is a soft tuna fillet in the hot and crunchy clothes, and it tastes light as it is, but it is very spicy when eaten with sauce. Condiments such as ginger and garlic have a strong scent, but they are very fresh and have no dullness, and are comfortable to eat like lightly pickled or fresh scent.

Katsuya "Summer Refreshing Tuna Katsudon"
You can eat a hearty fried food refreshingly

The sauce also contains a number of red pepper slices, which are spicy and spicy when chewed, which is also a nice accent for a light tuna cutlet.

It is a menu where you can enjoy fried food refreshingly even in the hot and humid summer, and the sale period is about one month from July 19th. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.