KALDI "Slightly nice snacks"
Summer snacks! (The image is quoted from the official website)

From KALDI Coffee Farm, the Japanese brand "Moheji" will release the special "Slightly Good Snacks" carefully selected from all over Japan on July 23rd. Not only snacks that go well with sake, but also a perfect companion for tea making and rice. Limited quantity.

・ Oyster snacks Boiled oysters with salt and water are not used, and only the extract overflowing from the oysters is used. Large Ishinomaki oysters with plenty of umami are great not only for cooked rice and pasta, but also for sake snacks.

KALDI "Moheji's snacks, oysters boiled in the tide"

・ Kyoto pickles "First Kamezo" Yuzu tomato A dish of domestic tomatoes pickled in a jelly-like pickling solution using Kyoto's zigzag vinegar. A dessert-like pickle with a slight scent of yuzu. You can also eat all the jelly.

KALDI "Kyoto pickles" first Kamezo "yuzu tomato"

・ Gem snacks that go well with sake Daikon radish pickled radish is carefully pickled in a traditional tamari. The original flavor of radish is brought out by slicing it into thin slices that are easy to eat while retaining the texture of radish. When combined with cream cheese, the deliciousness of radish stands out.

KALDI "Gem snacks that go well with sake Daikon Tamari pickles"

・ A gem that goes well with sake. Tamari pickles of scallions. Domestic scallions are prepared at the same time as harvesting and finished with sweet scallions. The crispy texture and deep taste are perfect for snacks!

KALDI "Gem snacks that go well with sake" Rakkyo no Tamari pickles

・ Yachiyo Farm Smoke Beef from Hokkaido Only the lean part of Hokkaido beef ribs is soaked for one day, seasoned, dried, and smoked with cherry chips. The rich taste of meat and the flavor of smoke are exquisite!

KALDI "From Hokkaido to Yachiyo Ranch Smoke Beef"

* Some products may not be available at all stores.