Delicious Slip "Delicious Slip Fujiya Milky Fragrance"

Sun Smile will release the 10th edition of "Delicious Lip", "Delicious Lip Fujiya Milky Fragrance" and "Delicious Lip Fujiya Lemon Squash Fragrance" on July 29th. The content is 5g (0.18oz) and the price is 500 yen each (excluding tax).

"Delicious Lip" has a "real" scent that you can see even when you close your eyes, and a soft, delicate texture that makes you feel as if you are applying melting butter to your lips.・ Lip balm containing plenty of vegetable oils such as jojoba seed oil, macadamia nut oil, and horse oil.

The sweet and rich "Milky" and the refreshing and refreshing "Lemon Squash" scents are realistically reproduced.

New work "Delicious Slip Fujiya Lemon Squash Fragrance"

The long-awaited renewal sale of "Milky Fragrance", which sold out 60,000 bottles in 9 months after its release in June 2018. It seems to be healed by the sweet and rich scent of milk. Why don't you enjoy it with the "lemon squash scent" that seems to refresh you?