Komeda "Shiro Noir" backstage

Komeda Coffee Shop "Shiro Noir" Backstage

Shiro Noir" is a popular menu item at Komeda Coffee Shop. It is a Komeda staple, a softly baked Danish bread topped with a generous dollop of soft-serve ice cream.

Did you know that the soft-serve ice cream topping can be changed to whipped cream for free? When ordering, simply tell them to change the "soft serve ice cream" to "whipped cream " and you're good to go!

Change "soft serve ice cream" to "whipped cream" (free of charge)

The rich, thick whip and the fluffy, savory Danish bread are a perfect match! This service is perfect for those who find soft-serve ice cream too cold for their stomachs, or for those who find it difficult to keep an eye on the melting condition of the ice cream.

Order Komeda "Shiro Noir" with whipped cream.
Soft serve ice cream with whipped cream!

Order Komeda "Shiro Noir" with whipped cream.
Looks like a satisfying cake.

The "whipped cream instead of soft-serve ice cream" can also be ordered with any drink that contains soft-serve ice cream other than the Shironoir. It is a nice point to be able to try it for free.

This is a small trick that can be enjoyed in combination with the previously introduced trick of " baking Danish bread well ". The service may differ from store to store, so it is recommended to check with the waiter when ordering. If you stop by Komeda, give it a try!