Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"

Plenty of onion ponzu

"Plenty of onion ponzu" has a reputation for being convenient at home. It was also sold at a local supermarket, so I bought it as a trial and tried it on tofu, salad, and roast beef.

Plenty of onion ponzu is a product of a manufacturer called Tokushima Sangyo. Here, seasonings using citrus fruits from Tokushima prefecture are served, and the ponzu sauce of Kudan is made by adding soy sauce, bonito, and kelp extract to onions with a crispy texture, and adding yuzu from Shikoku. The capacity is 400 ml. The price at the supermarket was 299 yen (excluding tax).

Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"
A lot of onions

According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for hot pot dishes, yakiniku sauce, dumpling sauce, tofu dishes, hot vegetables, vegetable salads, carpaccio, meat dishes, etc.


Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"
First with tofu

First of all, I decided to try it with tofu. Put it on a spoon and sprinkle it little by little. Since the ponzu vinegar itself is thickened, it is difficult to make a mistake such as a large amount of ponzu vinegar coming out of the container at once, but pour it carefully just in case.

After covering the tofu completely, the next step is to taste it. Although it contains plenty of onions, it hardly claims the flavor, and only a crispy texture is felt. Rather, the refreshing citrus scent is clear, and the impression is that it is an ordinary ponzu vinegar.

Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"
Delicious even with plenty of

The acidity and saltiness of ponzu is strong, but if you like tofu with a lot of soy sauce and condiments, you can add a generous amount.


Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"
Next is leaf salad

Next, I'll put it on a leaf salad. The ponzu sauce is thick and the onions shine brightly, so it looks beautiful.

Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"
It's better not to sprinkle too much

The taste is non-oil and the onion flavor is suppressed, so it is lighter than normal dressing. The individuality of ponzu comes to the fore, and when combined with raw vegetables, it feels a bit like "vinegared food". Perfect if you want to have a salad with Japanese food. Unlike tofu, you can enjoy leaf salad without adding too much.

roast beef

Tokushima Sangyo "Plenty of onion ponzu"
Also for roast beef

At the end, try roast beef. It is convenient to be able to gloss with non-oil. It's fun to look like an hors d'oeuvre just by putting it on.

Tokushima Sangyo "Ponzu with plenty of onions"
Perfectly compatible with meat

The refreshing scent of yuzu that slips through your nose makes the taste of carefully roasted beef stand out. The texture of the onions is also good, and you can enjoy the meat dishes refreshingly with the strong acidity. The taste that makes you want beer when you pinch it.

Tokushima Sangyo "Ponzu with plenty of onions"
There is 400ml (13.53us fl oz) per bottle so you can try as much as you like

Roast beef was the most delicious as a result of trying three kinds of foods. You can try this if there is 400 ml in one bottle, but it seems best to use meat dishes as the main axis.