Sapporo Beer "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Peach Sour"
Want to drink!

From Sapporo Breweries, "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Peach Sour" will be released in limited quantities on September 10. The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax). It comes in a 340ml (11.5us fl oz) can and contains 4% alcohol.

This is a collaboration product with the "Ai no Skal" brand sold by Minami Nihon Dairy Cooperative. While maintaining the sweet and sour taste and crisp aftertaste, it is finished in a cup where you can enjoy the fresh sweetness of white peach. It is recommended not only during meals, but also after taking a bath because of its milky taste.

The package expresses the taste of milkiness and peach with a gradation of two colors, cream and pink. It is a design that easily conveys the characteristics of the flavor with peaches drawn.

The limited flavor of "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour", which is perfect for the coming season, "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Peach Sour". As the quantity is limited, please check early if you are a "Squall" fan ♪