Komeda x Shinjuku Nakamuraya "Curry Croquette Burger"

The limited-time menu "Curry Croquette Burger" will be released on July 16th from Komeda Coffee (excluding some stores). The price is 460 yen (tax included, same below). The sale period is scheduled for late September.

This is a menu that combines curry sauce jointly developed by "Shinjuku Nakamuraya" and "Komeda Coffee Shop", which were popular for "cutlet curry bread (880 yen)", and Hokuhoku croquette using domestic potatoes. The sweetness of the croquette and the spicy taste are a perfect match. You can enjoy a mild taste that is different from cutlet curry bread.

Komeda x Shinjuku Nakamuraya "Curry Croquette Burger"

The original curry sauce has a deep and spicy taste using carefully selected spices. The spices contained in the curry sauce can be expected to have the effects of increasing appetite, preventing air conditioning and cooling, and promoting a refreshing sensation due to sweating, making them perfect for hot summers.

The buns are made from high-quality wheat flour and fermented at low temperature for a long time. The crispy and fresh texture of cabbage is an accent.

The new menu "Curry Croquette Burger" from Komeda Coffee, which is perfect for summer and you can enjoy spicy taste. For a limited time, Komeda fans should check it out early!