Marugame Seimen with "Udon with spicy meat"
Udon with spicy meat

At each Marugame Seimen store, the summer-only "Spicy" menu "Spicy Meat Udon" will be on sale from July 16th to the end of August (excluding some stores). Prices start at 690 yen (tax included, same below).

This is a dish of cold udon and beef dipped in spicy sauce. The soft, hot beef roasted under the warishita is served in the udon noodles together with the gravy that overflows with umami and fat. By combining white onion, roasted sesame, and sesame oil, the spiciness of white onion and the flavor of sesame enhance the taste of the meat. It has plenty of chopped seaweed.

For Tsukedare, first enjoy the spiciness with chili oil, and then break the hot spring egg to enjoy the change to a mellow and rich taste.

At the same time, "Chicken Char Siu Green Onion Bukkake" is also available (excluding some stores). A cold udon noodle with a special vinegar sauce made by adding chopped green onions to a moist and soft chicken char siu. Prices start at 640 yen.

Marugame Seimen with "Chicken Char Siu Green Onion Bukkake"
Chicken char siu green onion bukkake