Chateraise "Pione grape rice cake from Yamanashi prefecture"
Grape mochi is here! (The image is quoted from the official website)

Check out all 5 new sweets sold by Chateraise! "Pione grape rice cake from Yamanashi prefecture" and "Strawberry with plenty of fluffy rolls".

・ Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach Premium Pudding A combination of mellow Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach and a pudding with a smooth texture full of milk. A white peach compote is placed on it. Accented with bittersweet caramel sauce. The price is 190 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Chateraise "Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach Premium Pudding"

・ Strawberries with plenty of fluffy rolls A fluffy roasted sponge cake wrapped with fresh strawberries and custard cream directly from the production area. You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries that matches the custard cream. Plenty of strawberries purchased directly from contract farmers are used. The price is 180 yen. The sales area is Honshu (excluding some areas in the Chugoku region).

Chateraise "Strawberries with plenty of fluffy rolls"

・ Yamanashi Prefecture Pione Grape Mochi A purple-colored fertilizer that wraps Yamanashi Prefecture seedless pione and sprinkles powdered oblate and sugar on the surface. Pione has a strong sweetness but a refreshing acidity, and is characterized by a refreshing taste. You can enjoy the chewy texture of Gyuhi and the taste of fresh pione. Prices start from 100 yen per piece. The sale period is until September 30th.

Chateraise "Pione grape rice cake from Yamanashi prefecture"

・ Seasonal drops Pione from Yamanashi Prefecture A limited-time product with two-color crush jelly using Chateraise wine and a slightly sour syrup under the waste bun that wraps Pione from Yamanashi Prefecture. The smooth texture of the scraps and the juicy sweetness and acidity of pione spread throughout your mouth. The price is 320 yen. The sale period is until August 20th.

Chateraise "Seasonal Drops Pione from Yamanashi Prefecture"

・ Authentic Anmitsu Anmitsu made from Yamanashi Prefecture's white peaches, white peaches pickled in syrup, kiwifruit, home-cooked white bean paste, homemade shiratama, and salted beans (red peas). When combined with black honey, the flavor is even more pronounced. The price is 250 yen. For a limited time.

Chateraise "Authentic Anmitsu Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach"

* "Yamanashi Pione Grape Mochi" and "Seasonal Drops Yamanashi Pione" are agricultural products, so the sales period may change depending on the weather.