Collaboration with Bonobono "Pompompurin Cafe"

"Pompompurin Cafe", a cafe with the theme of Sanrio's popular character "Pompompurin", will be released on July 11th at three stores in Harajuku, Umeda, and Yokohama in collaboration with "Bonobono". Offer period is until September 1st.

Four types of collaboration menus with the concept of "Bonobono" and "Pompompurin" "going to the sea together ♪". The lineup is as follows.

・ Two people are
Menu that was done. A healthy curry with shell-shaped ham, fish-shaped paprika, and colorful rumbling vegetables that will satisfy your stomach and appearance. The price is 1,290 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Pompompurin Cafe "Futari de Su-Isui ♪ White Curry"

・ Pompompurin English muffin and heartwarming doria Put vegetables and hamburger on English muffin, and put a beret with "Pompompurin" drawn on cheddar cheese and "Bompompurin" drawn on meat doria with plenty of white sauce. A good friend menu with a beret. A hearty dish with a set of salad and potatoes topped with shell-shaped ham. The price is 1,390 yen.

Pompompurin Cafe "Pompompurin English Muffin and Bonobono Doria"

・ Pompompurin pancakes-with Bonobono-
A dessert with pancake "Pompompurin" and Ramune sorbet "Bonobono" lined up side by side. The exhilaration of Ramune sorbet is perfect for this season! The price is 1,090 yen.

Pompompurin Cafe "Pompompurin Pancakes-With Bonobono"

・ Nakayoshi ♪ Puka Puka Soda Curacao and grapefruit syrup are divided with soda, and mango ice cream "Pompompurin" and marshmallow "Bonobono" are topped on the whipped cream. A cute and refreshing drink with the image of the blue sea. The price is 900 yen.

Pompompurin Cafe "Nakayoshi ♪ Pukapuka Soda"

In addition, each person will receive a "postcard" as a gift when ordering a collaboration menu. Everyone who enjoys eating and drinking will receive a "place mat", and those who order a drink will receive a "coaster". It will end as soon as it runs out.