Matsuya's first "Unadon"

The first new menu "Unadon" will be on sale from 10 o'clock on July 9th at each Gyudon chain Matsuya store (excluding some stores). This is a big expectation!

This is an eel bowl supervised by the famous restaurant "Komatsu", which was once said to be a "legendary eel shop" and attracted many foodies and cultural figures. The fluffy and thick eel is finished with a special eel sauce.

The price is 830 yen (tax included, same below) with miso soup, mini new incense, and Japanese pepper sachet. "Unadon Double" is 1,390 yen. In addition, "Unagi Combo Beef Rice", which allows you to enjoy the standard menu "Beef Rice" at the same time, will also be on sale. The price is 990 yen.

Special menu for the first year of Reiwa. The quantity is limited, so if you want to eat it, please come as soon as possible.