Ministop "Crispy Strawberry Milk" & "Crispy Tangerine Soda"

New drink menu products "Crispy Strawberry Milk" and "Crispy Tangerine Soda" are on sale at each Ministop store. A cup where you can fully enjoy the crunchy texture of frozen fruits.

Crispy strawberry milk is a drink that you can enjoy the gentle taste of milk and strawberries. A combination of frozen strawberries and Hokkaido specialty milk, finished with condensed milk flavored syrup. You can enjoy it more deliciously by drinking while mixing. The price is 360 yen (tax included, same below). The calorie is 241 kcal.

Ministop "Crispy Strawberry Milk"

Crispy orange soda is a refreshing drink that combines frozen oranges and carbonated water for a refreshing taste in the hot summer. You can enjoy the sweetness of popping fruits. The price is 320 yen. The calorie is 122 kcal.

Ministop "Crispy orange soda"

Ministop's new drink menu "Crispy Strawberry Milk" & "Crispy Tangerine Soda" are perfect for a quick break or a snack. It seems fun to compare the two flavors ♪ If you are interested, check it out!