MINISTOP "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice White Peach
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Ministop "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice White Peach"

A new cold treat "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice White Peach" using sliced frozen white peaches instead of ice is now on sale at Ministop. It is priced at 320 yen (tax included).

The newest addition to the "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice" series, which uses sliced frozen fruit instead of ice, is a luxurious way to enjoy the popular fruit "peaches". The most popular of all peaches, the "white peach" is used, and with the addition of white peach syrup, it has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, with a refreshing aftertaste. The original flavor of white peaches can be enjoyed in this refreshing cold sweet. The calorie count is 178 kcal.

MINISTOP "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice White Peach

Ministop's "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice White Peach" is the perfect way to refresh yourself during this hot and humid season. Fans of the "Halo-Halo Fruit Ice" series should check it out!