KALDI "Ice Coffee Campaign"
Together on a hot day! (The image is quoted from the official website)

The KALDI Coffee Farm is hosting an iced coffee campaign from June 1st to August 31st. A campaign where you can get 5% off 2 to 3 kinds of recommended coffee beans every month. The lineup for this month (July) is as follows.

・ Ice blend (deep roast)
A perfect blend for iced coffee that brings out the sweet aroma of aftertaste and richness, soft bitterness, and aroma. It goes well with milk and sugar.

・ Italiano (deep roast)
Strong bitterness and full-bodied taste suitable for espresso and ice cream.

・ Sweet clear blend (light roast)
A refreshing blend for sweet and sour iced coffee. If you add creamy sugar powder, you can enjoy royal milk iced "coffee".

Also, on July 15th, we released the "Cold Brew Coffee Bottle Set " that you can carry anytime, anywhere. It is a set that you can easily make cold brew coffee just by putting "Premium Water Drip Coffee" and water in the "Original Clear Bottle". Please check it out as well!

* Handling differs depending on the store