Three new tapioca drinks at Tokyo Disney Resort

From July, three new tapioca drinks, "Fantastic Flight Drink," "Coffee Tapioca Latte," and "Sparkling Tapioca Tea," will be available at Tokyo Disney Resort. In addition to being a popular tapioca drink, some cups have Mickey drawn on them, so it's sure to look great on Instagram?

■ Fantastic flight drink
The new attraction "Soarin: Fantastic Flight" will open on July 23rd. The image of this world is "Fantastic Flight Drink".

Fantastic flight drink
Fantastic Flight Drink (Litchita Tapioca)

You can enjoy the rare tapioca with lychee flavor with lemon jelly. The sale will start on July 19th. The store is Tokyo DisneySea's "Zambini Brothers Ristorante". The price is 450 yen per cup.

■ Coffee tapioca latte
Tokyo DisneySea's special event "Disney Pirates Summer" will be held from July 9th. Along with this, "Coffee Tapioca Latte", which has the image of a pirate, will appear. Coffee-flavored tapioca has a modest sweetness.

Coffee tapioca with the image of a pirate
Coffee tapioca latte

The sale period is from July 8th to September 1st. The store is Tokyo DisneySea's "Mamma Biscotti's Bakery". The price is 500 yen per cup.

■ Sparkling tapioca tea
A new tapioca drink will also be available at Tokyo Disneyland. This is a sparkling drink with black tea, mango-flavored tapioca and grapefruit jelly. A royal road tapioca drink that matches the delicious season of mango.

Sparkling tapioca tea
Sparkling Bubble Tea (Mango & Citrus)

The sale period is from July 20th to September 1st. The store is "Tomorrowland Terrace" in Tokyo Disneyland, and it is sold only from 14:00 to 17:00. The price is 600 yen per cup.

■ Conventional menu
In addition to the above new menu, you can't miss the tapioca drink from the conventional menu. The "tapioca mango drink" (410 yen) sold at Tokyo Disneyland's "Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar" is packed with small tapioca like a Chinese dessert.

Tapioca mango drink
Traditional menu tapioca mango drink

In addition, "Strawberry Tapioca Tea" (400 yen), where you can enjoy strawberry pulp and large tapioca, is on sale at the restaurant "Hudson River Harvest" at Tokyo DisneySea.

Strawberry tapioca tea
Conventional menu Strawberry tapioca tea

At Tokyo DisneySea's "Lost River Cookhouse," there is also a "sparkling tapioca drink" (mango) (410 yen).

Sparkling tapioca drink
Traditional menu sparkling tapioca drink

Tapioca dring in Tokyo Disney Resort, which was increasing in number when I noticed it. But is it still the "fantastic flight drink" that seems to be the most popular? You want to ride a new attraction and enjoy a new drink. The cup with Mickey drawn is also attractive.