Hotaru no Hikari "No.07 Cinderella at midnight" "No.10 Japanese ACE" "No.24 Kamehameha on the South Island"

"Hotaru no Hikari" is a store specializing in gift delicacies and snacks. Products that are particular about the manufacturing method and bring out the taste of carefully selected ingredients are on sale.

The lineup is quite rich, from seafood such as squid and shellfish to nuts, fruits and cheese. Each product has a number and a unique name, such as "No. 13 Sunday 18:30", "No. 39 Thank You (* ^ _ ^ *)", and "No. 55 Sorrowful Lullaby", so it's fun to choose. !!

No.07 Cinderella at midnight

Roasted dried fins and finished to a brown color. The price is 470 yen (tax included, same below).

Hotaru no Hikari "No.07 Cinderella at midnight"

It is firm and chewy, and the more you chew it, the more it exudes. The spiciness of chili peppers continues with the aroma and moderate saltiness. The deliciousness that is perfect for sake that is betrayed in a good way from its cute name. If it's Cinderella, even if you drop the glass shoes, you will never drop the fins.

Hotaru no Hikari "No.07 Midnight Cinderella"
I miss sake more than the prince

No.10 Japanese ACE

Dried mentaiko in collaboration with a long-established dried sardine shop founded 430 years ago. The price is 910 yen.

Hotaru no Hikari "No.10 Japanese ACE"

I ate mentaiko for the first time, but it's really good. The outside is a little firm, and it has a unique texture that makes you feel loose when you put your teeth on it. You can feel the spicy spiciness and strong umami in the salty taste. You'll want white rice as well as beer! It's just like Japanese ace, it's delicious.

Hotaru no Hikari "No.10 Japanese ACE"
I only have to carry number 10

No.24 Kamehameha on the South Island

Additive-free mango from the Philippines. The price is 620 yen.

Hotaru no Hikari "No.24 Kamehameha on the South Island"

A moist texture that is different from the fresh mango that is sloppy. Each one is large and responsive, and the tropical sweetness spreads throughout your mouth. You can also match it with yogurt or granola!

Hotaru no Hikari "No.24 Kamehameha on the South Island"
Feeling tropical

Fashionable and delicious snacks that are perfect for yourself or as a gift. Assortments for gifts are also on sale, so if you send it to someone who likes alcohol, you will surely be pleased.