Burger King "Spicy Shrimp Wapper"
Shrimp and beef patty at once!

I ate Burger King's "Spicy Shrimp Wapper". Shrimp that is soft enough to be easily chewed, spicy sauce, and juicy beef patty go well with each other, even though it has a crispy texture.

The price is 690 yen (tax included, same below). The volume is more than enough for lunch, and if you are not confident in your stomach or want to enjoy French fries as a set, you should choose the small size "Spicy Shrimp Wapper Jr." The price there is 490 yen.

Burger King "Spicy Shrimp Wapper"
Large from the package

This time I ordered a full size spicy shrimp whopper. I'll pay and wait for a while. When I got the call and went to the counter, it was quite big from the package that came out on the tray. It's a little difficult to hold with one hand.

Burger King "Spicy Shrimp Wapper"

When the paper is peeled off, a pure white raw onion pops out from the edge of the round and flat buns. It seems that tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise are also added. When you bite into it, the shrimp's flesh, which is crispy and crispy, hits your teeth along with the raw vegetables. It feels nice, but I'm surprised that it can be bitten off without much effort. The beef patty and the beef patty that are sandwiched together are so soft that it is interesting to be able to chew beef and seafood with a single bite.

Burger King "Spicy Shrimp Wapper"
The combination of shrimp and spicy sauce is a bit like "shrimp chili"

The taste is a little complicated. The flavor of the shrimp is not so strongly asserted, so the umami of the gravy from the patty spreads throughout the mouth, but the shrimp still stands out for its chewy texture. The bright red spicy sauce that puts the whole together is mainly made of tomatoes with sweetness and spiciness, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Chinese food "shrimp chili", but it has a Western-style finish.

When you taste each bite, bite, shrimp and beef while checking the individuality, the sour taste of tomatoes and the spicy taste of onions along with nature stimulate the tongue again, and at the end it feels like everything is mixed. By the time you put everything in your stomach, you will be filled with a mysterious feeling of euphoria. It's perfect when you want to feel luxurious at a reasonable price.