Flipper's "Miracle Pancake Yubari Melon"
Appeared seasonally!

From the pancake specialty store "FLIPPER'S", the seasonal menu "Miracle Pancake Yubari Melon" will be released on July 2nd. The sale period is until July 31st. The price is 1,600 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Miraculous pancake Yubari melon is a dish made with plenty of Hokkaido-produced Yubari melon. Yubari melon ripe in orange is characterized by its mellow aroma and juicy taste. You can enjoy the luxurious taste of fluffy souffle pancakes, fragrant melon cream, overflowing juice and smooth melon pulp.

In addition, three summer-only flavors are available from the To go menu "Tapioca Drink".

Flipper's "Tapioca Drink"

Using the juice of the classic summer fruit "watermelon", you can enjoy the gentle aroma and sweetness of strawberry in addition to "tapioka squid" with a refreshing aftertaste and "mango tapioca" with puree added to rich mango juice. "Tapioca Strawberry Milk" is on sale.

The price is 600 yen each for tapioca watermelon and tapioca mango, and 520 yen for strawberry milk.