St-Marc Cafe "Royal Milk Tea Chocokuro"

"Royal Milk Tea Chocokuro" is on sale for a limited time at each St-Marc Cafe store. The price is 180 yen per piece (excluding tax).

A limited-time product of the "Chocokuro" series, which represents Saint Marc Cafe. Royal milk tea flavored chocolate is used to enjoy the elegant aroma of tea and milk.

St-Marc Cafe "Royal Milk Tea Chocokuro"

The soft and crispy dough is wrapped in a large chocolate. When you bite it, it crumbles and spreads the gorgeous flavor and mellow sweetness of black tea. The chocolate is so sweet that it goes well with black coffee ♪ It's a satisfying dish that's perfect for filling your stomach.

Saint Marc Cafe "Royal Milk Tea Chocokuro"
Healed by the scent of black tea!

The "Royal Milk Tea Chocokuro" for a limited time at the St-Marc Cafe is a must-see for chocolate fans. When I contacted the store, it seems that it is scheduled to be sold by around August. If you are interested, please check it out as soon as possible!

* Assortment and prices may vary depending on the store.