Ministop "Summer Crème Caramel"

At each Ministop store, "Summer Crème Caramel" and "Halo-Halo Salty Lychee" are on sale, which are perfect for the hot season.

Summer Crème Caramel is a popular autumn / winter parfait, "Smooth Parfait", arranged for summer in response to fan requests for "I want to eat crème caramel all year round". The ratio of raw milk used for pudding has been doubled to create a smoother, lighter flavor. The secret flavors of pudding are salt and Western liquor, and you can enjoy the crisp taste that you won't get tired of until the end.

Ministop "Summer Crème Caramel"

For the eggs, we use "Pure White", an egg with white yolk, which is suitable for desserts and sweets. It has a bright summer look. The price is 330 yen (tax included).

Halo-halo salty lychee is a cold dessert with the "salty lychee" flavor that is popular in the summer. The rich flavor of Okinawa seawater salt and the rich scent and sweetness of lychee juice are combined to create a refreshing and delicious salt supply in midsummer. The price is 270 yen (tax included).

Ministop "Halo-halo Salty Lychee"