Tully's Coffee "T's Cream Splash" "Watermelon Squeeze 100%"

"T's Cream Splash" and "Watermelon Squeeze 100%" will be released on June 28th at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores).

"T's Cream Splash" is a two-layer seasonal cream soda. Original melon soda using domestic melon juice topped with T's ice cream. You can enjoy the refreshing feeling of popping and the creamy taste of vanilla ice cream. Also pay attention to the summer-like visuals of bright green and clear carbonated water. The price is 530 yen (tax included) for tall size.

"Watermelon Squeeze 100%" is a drink that uses 100% straight fruit juice from Vietnam "Kurobijin Watermelon". It is said that it is finished so that you can enjoy the original taste of watermelon as it is, taking advantage of the characteristics of "Kurobijin Suika", which is a crimson flesh with few fibers and abundant fresh juice. The price is 550 yen (tax included) for tall size.

Tully's summer drink where you can enjoy the refreshing "soda" and the summer tradition "watermelon". Why don't you enjoy the deliciousness of the hot season?