Lawson "Fruit In Tea Green"

At each Lawson store, "MACHI cafe Lipton Fruit In Tea Green," which is a mixture of three types of fruit in green tea, will be on sale from June 25th. The price is 380 yen (tax included).

A collaboration between "Lipton" and Lawson "Machi Cafe" that has been held since last year (2018). You can easily enjoy the fruit in tea of Lipton's "Fruits in Tea Specialty Store" held every summer at a convenience store close to you.

The fruit in tea green that appears this time is the second product, fruit in tea based on green tea. Served by pouring green tea into a cup of apple, lime and lemon frozen cut fruits and fluffy ice. The moment you pour the green tea, the ice melts and it's ready to drink, so you can enjoy the sweetness of the green tea and the refreshing fruit.

In addition, "Fruits in Tea specialty store" will open for a limited time in Omotesando from June 28th this year as well. Fruit in tea using green tea will be sold.