Royal host "Melon & Granita"

The seasonal dessert fair "Melon & Granita" using domestic melons will be held from July 10th at each Royal Host store (excluding the Ginza Inns store). This year, we have a lineup of four desserts that take advantage of the rich flavor of melon.

A melon version of the popular Brulee Parfait, "Scorched Melon Brulee Parfait". Layer red meat melon granita (Italian version of shaved ice), fresh melon, and melon jelly, and top with melon pulp. Finally, it is caramelized and finished. The price is 880 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Royal Host "Scorched Melon Brulee Parfait"
Brulee parfait of charred melon

"Melon Gradation Cream Soda" has a beautiful gradation like a sunset. A refreshing green melon jelly and an orange granita are combined in a glass. Slightly carbonated tailoring that complements fresh melon and vanilla ice cream. The price is 780 yen.

Royal Host "Melon Gradient Cream Soda"
Melon Gradient Cream Soda

"Melon's shortcake tailoring", which is inspired by shortcake, is a glass dessert with a refreshing aftertaste. Assorted whipped cream, sponge cake and cold granita. The price is 580 yen.

Royal Host "Melon Shortcake Tailoring"
Melon shortcake tailoring

"Fresh Melon & Granita" is a dish in which cool cold granita and whipped cream enhance the mellow aroma and sweetness of melon. You can fully enjoy the flesh of juicy melon. The price is 780 yen.

Royal Host "Fresh Melon & Granita"
Fresh Melon & Granita

Sales hours are from 11:00 to 22:00. Limited time until late August.