Lawson "Sakubata"
An evolution of butter sand?

Round butter sand "Sakubata" will be released on June 18th at each Lawson store. The price is 220 yen (tax included).

Plenty of butter cream sandwiched between crispy, light-textured round cookie dough. A new butter sand with a round and thick shape. There are two flavors, caramel and strawberry.

"Crispy Butter-Crispy Butter Sandwich Caramel-" is a bittersweet caramel-flavored butter cream with two types of charred caramel sandwiched between crispy cookie dough. The cream contains candy-covered almonds. The cookie dough is made with fermented butter and is fragrant.

Lawson "Sakubata"
Sakubata caramel flavor

"Crispy Butter-Crispy Butter Sand Strawberry-" is a sandwich of butter cream with white chocolate that has a sweet and sour taste and is sandwiched with crispy cookie dough using fermented butter. Freeze-dried strawberries are added to the butter cream.

Lawson "Sakubata"
Sakubata strawberry flavor