Cold Stone Creamery "Juicy Peach Melba"

Ice cream using domestic white peach (Okubo species) is now available at each Cold Stone Creamery store. "Juicy Peach Melba" and "Crunchy Peach Pie" will be on sale from June 17th (excluding some stores).

Okubo variety is a white peach variety born in Okayama prefecture in the early Showa period. It is characterized by its light sweetness and elegant taste.

Juicy peach melba using this Okubo seed is a mixture of pink peach ice cream full of fruit juice and rich French vanilla ice cream, and a mixture of peach jelly and raspberries. Furthermore, it is finished with raspberry chips with a crunchy texture and juicy white peaches that have been cut into large pieces.

Cold Stone Creamery "Juicy Peach Melba"
Juicy peach melba

On the other hand, the crunchy peach pie is a mixture of pink peach ice cream and custard pudding ice cream with rich eggs, and a crispy mini pie and whipped cream. It is finished with a bite-sized white peach and a melting caramel sauce.

Cold Stone Creamery "Crunchy Peach Pie"
Crunchy peach pie

The price is 680 yen each (tax included). Both are available in one size and include waffle balls.