Seijo Ishii Porbolone "Organic Earl Gray Milk Tea" "Organic Hojicha" "Chai"

Seijo Ishii The discerning "desica series" that delivers things that can only be done "in". Among them, I tried 3 kinds of tea flavors of the popular baked confectionery "Porbolone".

"Organic Earl Gray Milk Tea Porbolone", "Organic Hojicha Porbolone" and "Organic Chai Spice Mix Chai Porbolone" that appeared in May. The price is 450 yen each (excluding tax).

Milk tea

A cookie made from French wheat and mixed with organic Earl Gray tea leaves. The butter composition ratio is 21%.

Seijo Ishii desica "Organic Earl Gray Milk Tea Porbolone"

Crisp and light texture. Spreads the mellow sweetness and richness while crumbled in the mouth. Finally, the refreshing scent of bergamot is subtle. It seems that the luxury of tasting milk tea and cookies together is condensed into one.

roasted green tea

A cookie that combines organic roasted green tea with a dough made from French wheat. The butter composition ratio is 23%.

Seijo Ishii desica "Organic roasted green tea porbolone"

The aromas of roasted green tea and cookies are linked. The strong flavor of the tea leaves rushes in at once. Richly scented butter leaves a lingering finish. You can enjoy the exquisite collaboration between Japanese and Western styles.


A cookie made from French wheat dough and finished with an organic chai spice mix using 5 kinds of spices. The butter composition ratio is 20%.

Seijo Ishii desica "Chaipor Borone of Organic Chai Spice Mix"

The taste of chai that you drink at a cafe! Butter wraps the complex flavor of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper and cloves. A spicy aftertaste that makes you addicted.

All flavors are fragrant and soothing. Perfect to accompany an elegant tea time.