Mister Donut "Dream Donut"
Dream donut. Revived with a new fabric

I ate and compared Mr. Donut's "Dream Donuts". Four types of "berry chocolate fashion", "baked custard fashion", "golden & coconut chocolate", and "angel double chocolate". All of them are menus that have been revived with new dough, and they seem to be nostalgic and taste a little different from what I remember.

Mister Donut "Dream Donut"

Berry chocolate fashion

Mister Donut "Berry Chocolate Fashion"
Chocolate coating for old fashion

The price of berry chocolate fashion is 151 yen (tax included, same below). A thick chocolate coating is applied to the entire surface of the crispy dough with a classic "old fashion" milky feel.

Mister Donut "Berry Chocolate Fashion"
Biscuit-like texture

The coated part has a high chocolate scent, and although it has a hard luster, it has an unexpectedly soft mouthfeel. The crunchy texture of the dough stands out and you can enjoy a biscuit-like texture.

Grilled custard fashion

Mister Donut "Grilled Custard Fashion"
Put custard on old fashion

The price of grilled custard fashion is 140 yen. After all, custard cream is put on a crispy dough with an old fashion milky feeling and baked in the oven.

Mister Donut "Grilled Custard Fashion"
The chewy texture stands out

Even though it is the same old fashion type, this one has a chewy texture. It's interesting that the impression of the dough is different depending on the toppings. Custard has no peculiarity and has a gentle taste.

Golden & coconut chocolate

Mister Donut "Golden & Coconut Chocolate"
Nikoichi the classic menu

Golden & coconut chocolate is 151 yen. The feature is that you can enjoy the crispy topping of the classic "Golden Chocolate" and the crispy coconut of the same classic "Coconut Chocolate" at the same time.

Mister Donut "Golden & Coconut Chocolate"
The dough is heavy

If you bite the gold and silver toppings at the same time, the crunchy and crispy texture will combine to create a unique texture called "jakijaki". The dough is moist and rich, reminiscent of chocolate cake. I don't really insist on the whipped cream in between.

Angel double chocolate

Mister Donut "Angel Double Chocolate"

Angel double chocolate is 140 yen. Whipped cream is sandwiched between the standard "double chocolate" dough.

It's a bit like the nostalgic menu "Angel Chocolat". However, while there was a fluffy French dough, this is a heavy dough of double chocolate.

Mister Donut "Angel Double Chocolate"
The presence of cream is clear

The presence of whipped cream is clear, and the contrast between the soft texture and the crispy chocolate crunch is fun.

All four types of donuts have a nostalgic taste for Mister Donut fans. But one of the most complete menus without memories is berry chocolate fashion.

The crispy texture and chocolate flavor are well-balanced, and it seems to go well with iced coffee if you combine drinks, and if possible, iced coffee that freezes coffee as it is and drinks milk.