7-ELEVEN frozen foods "Cheese Dak-galbi" and "Ahijo style of shrimp and vegetables"

"7-ELEVEN Premium Cheese Dak-galbi" and "7-ELEVEN Premium Shrimp and Vegetable Ahijo Style" are on sale at each 7-ELEVEN store. It is a packed frozen food that you can enjoy immediately after warming it in the microwave.

・ Ahijo-style shrimp and vegetables A dish that combines crisp shrimp, large-cut vegetables, and rich anchovy sauce with the salty taste of anchovies and the scent of garlic. You can enjoy the spicy spiciness of chili peppers. The price is 311 yen (tax included, same below). 7-ELEVEN handling area is only in the metropolitan area.

7-ELEVEN "Ahijo style of shrimp and vegetables"
Ahijo style of shrimp and vegetables

Plump shrimp, flavored broccoli, and warm potatoes are quite satisfying to eat. It is also recommended to combine it with a lightly toasted baguette.

7-ELEVEN "Ahijo style of shrimp and vegetables"
Shrimp is plump

Speaking of greed, is it okay to have a little more punch in the taste? I also think that it is a convenient dish that you can enjoy Ahijo, which is troublesome if you make it yourself, only with lentin. It is also excellent as a companion for evening drinks.

7-ELEVEN "Ahijo style of shrimp and vegetables"
For liquor snacks

・ Cheese Dak-galbi Frozen cheese Dak-galbi made by seasoning ingredients such as chicken and onions with a sweet and spicy sauce and sprinkling with melted cheese. The price is 297 yen.

7-ELEVEN "Cheese Dak-galbi"
Cheese Dak-galbi

The rich sweet and spicy sauce that is entwined with chicken is a taste that you can enjoy the spiciness of gochujang and doubanjiang. It's spicy and goes perfectly with smooth cheese. If you're not good at spicy foods, isn't it a bit spicy to eat alone? It is recommended to eat it with white rice.

7-ELEVEN "Cheese Dak-galbi"
Firmly spicy

As it comes in a pack, 7-ELEVEN's frozen foods can be enjoyed immediately after renting. It seems convenient to keep it in the freezer. When you see it, pick it up!