Saizeriya "Diabolo Yakiniku Don"

Italian wine & cafe restaurant "Saizeriya" that you can enjoy at a reasonable price. There are attractive menus such as "Milan-style doria (299 yen including tax)" and "Spicy chicken (299 yen including tax)", but you can enjoy it even more by adding "combination" or "a little addition". Do you know

・ Diabora Yakiniku Don
Yakiniku bowl using Saizeriya's original vegetable sauce "Diabolo-style sauce". Actually, this diabolo-style sauce can be added to all menus for +100 yen.

Diabolo-style sauce to add to Saizeriya "Diabolo Yakiniku Don"
Diabolo-style sauce

I ordered three items: rice, yakiniku alone, and diabolo-style sauce. The yakiniku used in the "Assorted Yakiniku and Hamburger Steak" can be ordered separately for 200 yen. By the way, if you don't tell us that it's a single item of yakiniku, you may end up with a "assortment of yakiniku and hamburger steak" as a single item, so be careful.

Yakiniku used for Saizeriya "Diabolo Yakiniku Don"
The plate has come as a single item

If you add a single piece of grilled meat to rice and add a diabolo-style sauce, the "Diabolo grilled meat bowl" is completed! You can enjoy a dish that matches the taste of grilled meat that has been seasoned firmly and the crispy diabolo-style sauce.

Saizeriya "Diabolo Yakiniku Don"
Just serve!

Saizeriya "Diabolo Yakiniku Don"

The price is less than one coin in combination of three types. The special cost performance is not good, but if you are a Diabolo-style sauce fan, you can try it once and it will not hurt.

・ Minifisel salami sandwich
"Mini Fisel Salami Sandwich" is a sandwich of "Aged Milano Salami (299 yen including tax)" on the fragrant mini French bread "Mini Fisel (169 yen including tax)".

Minifisel used for Saizeriya "Minifisel salami sandwich"
To the mini fissel

Salami used for minifisel salami sandwich
With salami in between

Saizeriya "Mini Fisel Salami Sandwich"

Just make a notch in the soft, fragrant minifisel and sandwich the salami and vegetables! If you like, we also recommend adding free toppings such as olive oil, chili flakes, and Gran Moravian cheese. Just the right amount when you're hungry.

Saizeriya "Mini Fisel Salami Sandwich"

・ Affogato at the drink bar
"Affogato at the drink bar" where you can enjoy "milk gelato (199 yen including tax)" with "espresso" from the drink bar.

Saizeriya "Affogato at the drink bar"
In combination with a drink bar

The refreshing gelato with just the right amount of sweetness and milk flavor goes perfectly with the bittersweet espresso! You can enjoy it as it is at first, and enjoy eating and comparing half with espresso.

Saizeriya "Affogato at the drink bar"
Over gelato

Saizeriya "Affogato at the drink bar"

Saizeriya's "combination" menu and "little addition" menu that you can easily do. Why don't you try the dish you care about?