A cold storage bag in collaboration with "Rokkatei" from the magazine "Croissant 999"

The women's magazine "Croissant 999" published by Magazine House is on sale from June 10th. The appendix is a cold storage bag in collaboration with "Rokkatei". The price is 840 yen (tax included).

Hokkaido confectionery maker "Rokkatei" collaborates with croissants for the first time. A lovely wrapping paper pattern with pretty wild flowers drawn on a white background is designed on the cool bag. Full storage capacity for 6 350ml (11.83us fl oz) PET bottles. It seems to be useful in various scenes such as barbecue, outdoor leisure, and daily lunch bags.

The special feature of the magazine is "Summer without getting tired with daily ingenuity." Starting with recipes that use summer vegetables to make a body that doesn't get tired, a menu that allows you to get enough nutrition with "cold noodles" that are a strong ally when you lose your appetite, "time saving recipes" that you don't want to use fire, and "short-time recipes" that are handed down to various places. Introducing how to survive the heat wave with "food" such as "summer local cuisine".

Magazine "Croissant 999"

In addition, we will also pick up how to make your home comfortable. It also covers how to use air conditioners well, how to incorporate dehumidifiers and dryers, and how to get a good night's sleep.