Three recommended seasonal flavors of Thirty One Ice Cream

The season when the temperature rises and I miss ice cream even more. I tried 3 kinds of seasonal recommended flavors of Thirty One Ice Cream. The reference price for single and regular sizes is 390 yen each (tax included, price varies depending on the store).

◆ "Minion" Fluffy World
Expresses the fluffy world view of the unicorn plush toy "Fluffy". Pink strawberry, white marshmallow, light blue cotton candy flavored ice cream with minion-shaped sweets.

Thirty One Ice Cream "" Minion "Fluffy World"
Fluffy means "fluffy" in English

It tastes as sweet as it looks. The punchy sweetness reminds me of cotton candy eaten at summer festival stalls. It's a mixture of 3 types of ice cream, so it's fun to have a slightly different taste depending on where you eat! The minions that appear occasionally are also cute, and it is a flavor that adults can return to their childhood and get excited about.

Thirty One Ice Cream "" Minion "Fluffy World"
Hello "minions"

◆ Happiness Wedding
Panna cotta flavored and peach flavored ice cream mixed with cherry sauce. Pink with amaretto sauce and red heart-shaped confectionery with raspberry sauce are combined.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Happiness Wedding"
I was a little embarrassed when I said my name in the order

Milky panna cotta and fresh peach go great together! Cherry adds a sweet and sour accent to the mellow richness. Combined with a crispy heart, it is gorgeous, befitting the name of "Happiness Wedding". June Bride's perfect flavor for June, which makes you feel happy every time you bring it to your mouth.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Happiness Wedding"
The sauce melts

◆ Fruit tea
The image of fruit tea that has become popular in recent years. Strawberry, orange peel and peach pulp are combined with black tea scented ice cream.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Fruit Tea"
I can't go through as a tea lover

It looks a little plain compared to the above two, but it is the most fragrant. The refreshing sweetness of the flesh follows the taste and richness of black tea. The last thing that remains is the bitterness of orange peel. It is a refreshing and slightly bitter adult taste.

Thirty One Ice Cream "Fruit Tea"
It's like a chilled fruit tea

Three flavors that you can enjoy a pop look and a refreshing scent. The soft and sweet ice cream will blow away the melancholy of the rainy season!

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