Yayoiken "Natsukoshi rice and steamed chicken salad set meal"

"Set meal of Nagoshi rice and steamed chicken salad" will be on sale from June 25th at each Yayoiken store. The price is 890 yen (tax included).

"Natsukoshi rice" is an event meal that can be eaten along with "Nagoshi no Harae" held at shrines nationwide around June 30th. It is a Shinto ritual to pray for the rest of the six months without any illness by passing through a large ring made of Imperata cylindrica and straw to cleanse the sins and impurities of the first half of the year.

Yayoiken's Natsukoshi rice is made with green ingredients, okra, which is the image of a kaya-no-wa, red ingredients, carrots, onions, fried corn, grated ginger and grated radish to prevent 100 evils, and tempura. A dish that you can enjoy with a sprinkle. Squeeze the lemon if you like.

Steamed chicken salad is a combination of steamed chicken made from chicken breast, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, purple onions, and mizuna. You can enjoy it refreshingly with a dressing that contains plenty of carrots.