Toyo Suisan "Red Tanuki Ten Udon"

Instant noodles in a cup "Maru-chan Red Tanuki Ten Udon" will be on sale from Toyo Suisan on May 13th. It's not a "red fox" but a "red" tanuki "".

Last year (2018), "Red Kitsune Udon" defeated "Green Tanuki Tensoba" in a voting campaign held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of "Red Kitsune Udon". Along with this, the commercialization of "Red Tanuki Ten Udon", which Red Kitsune had listed as a "manifest", has been realized.

Toyo Suisan "Red Tanuki Ten Udon"

Red tanuki is a combination of thick, elastic udon noodles, small shrimp tempura, deep-fried chopped meat, eggs, kamaboko, and green onions. Shichimi pepper is included as an attachment.

The soup is different for eastern Japan and western Japan. In eastern Japan, bonito flakes and kelp soup stock have a rich flavor. On the other hand, western Japan is a soy sauce made with dried bonito flakes, miscellaneous flakes, kelp, and dried sardines.

The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax). For a limited time.