IKEA "Matcha Sweets Fair"

"Matcha Sweets Fair" is being held at IKEA stores nationwide until June 2. Matcha sweets are lined up at the IKEA restaurant & cafe on the 2nd floor of each store, the bistro on the 1st floor, and the bakery in the Swedish food market.

The traditional Swedish princess cake is also available as "Matcha cream cake". The outside of the sponge cake with cream and raspberry jam is wrapped in marzipan with matcha and finished with white chocolate icing.

We also have a lineup of scones filled with the deliciousness of matcha, fluffy bagels, and chocolate-coated matcha donuts. At the bistro on the 1st floor, matcha sundae with domestic azuki beans and warabi mochi is also available in soft serve ice cream made with Uji matcha.

After shopping, why not take a break with Matcha sweets?