Toraya "Yoru no Ume" Mother's Day Limited Package
Toraya's Mother's Day Limited Package

I bought a package for Mother's Day only for Toraya's classic Ogura Yokan "Yoru no Ume". The chic pattern and the usual taste of plum blossoms at night. It may be a good gift for Mother's Day, which is not too enthusiastic.

It is the size of a small yokan, and the price is 260 yen (tax included) per bottle. It seems that it will be handled until Mother's Day, but it may be sold out depending on the store.

Toraya "Yoru no Ume" Mother's Day Limited Package
Chic design

The design with a single carnation on a gorgeous pink background is not too noisy, but it may be suitable for people who do not want to exaggerate. It is also a good place to last longer than fresh flowers.

Toraya "Yoru no Ume" Limited Package
The usual taste!

The contents are ordinary night plums. A representative player of Toraya, which contains azuki beans and has a firm, firm and sweet taste. Even though it's a mini size, if you cut it into small pieces with a knife and stab it with a toothpick, you can enjoy it even if you share it with about two people.