WoW-Food straight juice
From left: apple, orange, blood orange, pink grapefruit

WoW-Food brand 100% straight juice is quite a gem. I bought it because it was sold at a convenience store in Ekinaka. The price is as high as 248 yen (tax included) per bottle for 300 ml, but it seems that 4.2 pieces for blood orange and 3 pieces for pink grapefruit are squeezed.

I saw it at the convenience store "NewDays" of JR Ekinaka and bought it. There were four types of products lined up in the shop: blood orange, pink grapefruit, orange, and apple.

All countries of origin are Australia. Fruits harvested in the orchard are chilled and transported at low temperature called "cold press", without adding additives such as sugar, and even after being bottled, they are chilled and transported without freezing. I will.

blood orange

WoW-Food straight juice
Blood orange is red like blood and has a strong acidity

As the name suggests, blood oranges were the first on the shelves displayed in a red liquid color like blood. The taste is sour and has a natural sweetness. The scent of citrus is deep, and it doesn't come to your nose suddenly, but it slowly spreads as you drink. The mouth is clean and it gives a very nice impression.

Pink grapefruit

WoW-Food straight juice
The acidity of pink grapefruit is strong! But it's not terrible

This is also a juice with a beautiful liquid color. The acidity is very strong and it is difficult to drink quickly, but it should be enjoyed by people who like sour foods. It has a grapefruit-like flavor, but probably because it is straight, it seems to be softer and more bulging than the sharp scent of concentrated juice reduction that you usually eat.


WoW-Food straight juice
I was most surprised at the difference in scent of orange from what I always drink.

The color is just like orange juice, but when you give it a try, it's quite different from the orange-flavored beverages you usually drink. It uses 3 fruits in one bottle. A gentle and fluffy scent. It may be a little fresh if you are accustomed to the sweet and strong scent of fragrances that are usually found in orange peels. Less sour. The mouth is very clean and gives the impression that you can drink very much.


WoW-Food straight juice
The sweetness of apple is rich

Light green liquid color with swelling sweetness. The sweetness is very strong and the acidity is faint. It seems that one bottle uses three fruits. It has a flower-like apple scent, and it has a mild flavor when it is blown by the nose, but when you taste it with your tongue, it has a rich fruitiness, and in a different sense from citrus, you can not drink it very much and you can enjoy it slowly. It is suitable.

You can enjoy them not only by drinking them as they are, but also by dividing them with soda, sake, or tea. If you suddenly want a little luxury, give it a try.