Lotteria "Nacchan Shake"
That face

I have been drinking "Nacchan Shake" which is on sale for a limited time at Lotteria. A drink with a strong dessert feeling that perfectly matches the refreshing orange scent and the cold and smooth throat.

Lotteria "Nacchan Shake"
I remember Nacchan's commercial

A collaboration menu with Suntory's juice-containing beverage "Natchan Orange". Natchan Orange was released in 1998. This time, the fresh taste and refreshing aftertaste of the fruits, which are the characteristics of the renewed "Natchan Orange", have been reproduced.

The smile on the package, which is the symbol of the original "Natchan Orange" can, is drawn in the center. The price is 240 yen (tax included).

When I drank it, the milky taste of the shake, the soft sweetness, and the slight vanilla scent behind it gave me a scent that was a little different from the usual orange flavor, and certainly reminded me of Nacchan's taste.

Lotteria "Nacchan Shake"
Dessert-like sweetness

It's moderately cold and smooth, and you can drink it if you make it delicious, especially on hot days, but even if it has a refreshing citrus scent, it has a strong shake, so it's said to heal just one side. It seems that you can enjoy it when you feel like you want some sweets.