KALDI "Hojicha Castella"

Check out all 6 "Hojicha flavor" products sold by KALDI! "Hojicha Maru" and "Hojicha Castella".

・ Stick cookie roasted tea "Kardi original stick cookie roasted tea" is made by kneading roasted tea into smooth couverture chocolate and sandwiching it with a thinly baked cookie dough. The price is 267 yen (tax included, same below). Limited quantity.

KALDI "Stick Cookie Hojicha"

・ Matcha & Hojicha Konjac Jelly “Matcha & Hojicha Konjac Jelly” that you can enjoy two kinds of flavors using domestic Uji matcha and hojicha. The price is 280 yen. Limited quantity.

KALDI "Matcha & Hojicha Konjac Jelly"

・ Hojicha Castella Uses domestic Hojicha leaves. "Hojicha Castella" where you can enjoy the fragrant tea scent. The price is 405 yen. Limited quantity.

KALDI "Hojicha Castella"

・ Hojicha Kinako Twist from Hokkaido A tasty Hojicha Kinako Twist that matches the aroma of fragrant Hojicha Kinako. The price is 180 yen.

KALDI "Hojicha Kinako Twist from Hokkaido"

・ Hojicha Karintou “Hojicha Karintou” is a karinto that you can feel the refreshing scent of tea in the aroma of domestic tea leaves. The price is 213 yen.

KALDI "Hojicha Karintou"

・ "Hojicha Maru" is a layered dough with plenty of rich Hojicha cream. The price is 491 yen. Limited quantity.

KALDI "Hojicha Maru"