Lawson Limited Haagen-Dazs My Suite "4 Layers Tailored Berry Cake"
For a limited time

Haagen-Dazs My Suite "Four-layered berry cake" will be released on April 30th at Lawson and Natural Lawson nationwide (excluding some stores). The price is 324 yen (tax included).

My suite means "my own special sweets". This series is limited to Lawson and Natural Lawson, where you can enjoy a luxurious taste.

The four-layered berry cake consists of butter custard ice cream with butter cookies that have a pleasant texture, and berry sauce with coarse blueberry flesh added to it, and Kirsh (a liquor fermented and distilled from cherry). The fragrant milk ice cream is layered. The top is a bright berry sauce.

By layering ice cream and sauce, a rich cake with 4 layers is expressed. You can also enjoy the colorful appearance.