Seven-Eleven "Kinako-exhausted Shiratama Zenzai"
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Introducing new arrival sweets and sweet bread to be released on April 23 at each Seven-Eleven store. Here are 5 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Rich vanilla custard cream puff 129 yen (tax included, same below)
Cream puff with rich vanilla custard cream. Fermented butter is used for the choux pastry and it is fragrantly baked.

Seven-Eleven "Thick vanilla custard cream puff"

・ Kinako-exhausted Shiratama Zenzai 300 yen [br /] Japanese cup sweets that combine the popular Kinako and Shiratama Zenzai. Layer kinako mousse, red bean paste, whipped cream, and kinako cream, and top with plenty of kinako.

Seven-Eleven "Kinako-exhausted Shiratama Zenzai"

・ Use of Hokkaido azuki beans Chilled water yokan 192 yen [br /] A water yokan made from Hokkaido azuki beans with a rich flavor of azuki beans. You can enjoy a smooth throat.

Seven-Eleven "Chilled water yokan using red beans from Hokkaido"

・ Sticky bread (caramel & milk) 128 yen [br /] Caramel-flavored and milk-flavored bread with a chewy texture.

Seven-Eleven "Mochimochi Bread (Caramel & Milk)"

・ Old fashion (strawberry) 110 yen [br /] A donut with a strawberry flavor that is refreshing on the outside and moist on the inside. Strawberry-flavored chocolate is sprinkled over the entire dough to give it a spring-like hue.

Seven-Eleven "Old Fashion (Strawberry)"