Lawson "3 kinds of bean matcha steamed bread"
Steamed bread using matcha! (The source of the image is the official website)

At each Lawson store, we have put together the sweets and baked goods released on April 23! Here are 5 items in the lineup that interest you. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Matcha steamed bread of 3 kinds of beans 130 yen (tax included, same below)

Lawson "3 kinds of bean matcha steamed bread"

Steamed bread with Uji matcha made from rice flour, which has a chewy texture. It is topped with azuki beans, Kintoki beans, and Amanatto beans, which go well with matcha, and is steamed moist.

・ Torn matcha azuki cream French bread 140 yen

Lawson "Tearable Matcha Azuki Cream French Bread"

Uji matcha cream mixed with azuki bean sweet natto is sandwiched between soft French dough with Uji matcha that is easy to tear and has slits. It is a tailoring that you can feel the sweetness in the bitterness of matcha.

・ Bran's grilled donuts Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture 130 yen

Lawson "Bran's Grilled Donuts Uji Matcha from Kyoto Prefecture"

A baked donut made from a cake dough containing bran flour that has a matcha flavor and is moisturized. Finished with white chocolate coating.

・ Baumkuchen with caramel and banana 160 yen

Lawson "Caramel and Banana Baumkuchen"

Two layers of Baumkuchen where you can enjoy caramel and banana flavors at the same time. The caramel flavor enhances the sweetness of the banana.

・ Matcha soft cookie (using Nishio matcha) 145 yen

Lawson "Matcha soft cookie (using Nishio matcha)"

A soft cookie made from Nishio matcha, which has a deep bitterness and rich taste, and a rich black honey. Thick white chocolate is mixed in.